Pocket Watch Necklace Instructions

Saturday, 10 July 2010
Over the past couple of weeks we've received a few emails asking for instructions on how to use our pocket watch necklaces. I've looked all over the web with the help of my trusty friend Mr Google, and I couldn't actually find any instructions that included diagrams??! Instead of directing my customers to a random website with no pictures, I decided to make a little 'How to" blog post for all our lovely customers, and anyone else who is looking for pocket watch necklace instructions.

Q - How do I open my pocket watch necklace?

A - Follow the instructions as shown in our awesome diagram below!

Q) How do I change the time on my pocket watch necklace?

A) This one is easy peasy, but probably not so obvious if you have never had a pocket watch before. To change the time simply pull out the dial (as shown below) and twist the dial to whatever time you wish (just like you would with any boring old wrist strap watch).

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